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Our Diamonds

Sourcing Our Diamonds

Our diamonds are sourced direct from the diamond cutters who make the polished diamonds you see in our jewellery, from the rough diamonds which are mined from the ground. There are no middlemen, which allows us to specify to our suppliers to only assort the highest quality diamonds for us, ensuring our jewellery is set with only Excellent Cut grade diamonds. 

Our diamonds are 100% natural and ethnically sourced, abiding by the international 'Kimberley Process' so the diamonds are not from a conflict area. We do not use 'Blood Diamonds', and we are very strongly against trafficking of conflict diamonds and the use of them in our jewellery. 


Who Certifies Our Diamonds 

Our diamonds are natural and are not lab grown or enhanced, they are certified in the Uk by a well repected laboratory - SureCert Certified Diamonds. 

SureCert is a well respected UK laboratory using the strictest of standards. All of our diamond jewellery is accompanied by a SureCert diamond report, which certifies the quality of the diamond cut, and the colour and clarity. 


Colours Of Diamonds We Sell

The colour scale extends from 'D' to 'Z', with 'D' being the whitest of white, and 'Z' being the yellowest of yellow. 

We stock and sell the top 4 whitest colour grades which are 'D', 'E', 'F' and 'G', to ensure our customers get the whitest diamonds available. This is 2 grades above the high street standard which is I. Grades H and I start to show a hint of yellow so we do not sell these grades. Colours 'D' 'E' & 'F' are considered colourless to the naked eye, while the tint of colour 'G' can sometimes be noticed when view on a pure white piece of paper. ‘D’ colour is the whitest of white, and the top colour to choose from. 


Clarity Of Diamonds We Sell

Our clarity base grade is a premium grade of SI2, 2 grades above the high street standard. All the clarities we sell have no marks visible to the naked eye. You would need magnification of up to 10 times in order to see them.

SI1 – SI2 – Slight inclusions: A nice clean diamond, inclusions only visible under 10x magnification. Inclusions can only be seen by an untrained eye with the aid of magnification.

VS1 – VS2 – Very slight inclusions: A beautifully clean diamond, inclusions can only be seen by a trained gemologist, under laboratory conditions.

VV21 – VVS2 – Very very slight inclusions: An exceptionally clean diamond, inclusions only visible with 25 times magnification, by a trained gemologist in laboratory conditions. The inclusions are so small at this grade, that even trained gemologists have trouble identifying them.

IF is a diamond clarity grade, this means Flawless. No Inclusions to be found, a perfectly clean diamond.


GIA Diamonds

Diamonds over 1 carat will mostly be GIA certified, as our suppliers have them already pre-certified before making them available to us. Diamonds over 1 carat will mostly be GIA certified, as our suppliers have them already pre-certified before making them available to us.

We can certainly source and provide GIA diamonds, and all our diamonds above 1 carat are GIA certified. For our diamonds under 1 carat we use SureCert for our certification, which is a UK laboratory. They use the same strict standards as GIA but as they are based in the UK they do not need to pass through America (where GIA is based) meaning they do not cost as much and do not take as much time to be certified.